Be amongst the first to book your PXPoint™ on the airline’s moving maps.

80% of passengers prepare their journey during the flight.

The moving maps are these interactive 3D map on board commercial aircraft. They have become the first inflight entertainment activity after movie watching. Considered as a revolutionary destination guide, they are also as interactive as Google Earth, with a satellite layer, and a street map zoom level. Now passengers can browse all along the flight path, but they can also zoom on any destination on earth. From now on, you too can be integrated on these moving maps thanks to the PXPoint™, a system that geopositions all the Points of Interest on board.

Book your PXPoint™ before your competitors!

A PXPoint™ is a geopositioned thumbnail which opens on a full page description when clicked on. It blends text, pictures, and a QR Code, the PXPoint™ ensures a first level of passenger’s engagement. He can scan the code on his smartphone or tablet, and download all your point of interest’s main features.

With your PXPoint™ on board, mark your place on Earth.

Up to 70M affluent and upscale passengers.

93% of them “play” with the moving map.

95 is the average number of open PXPoint™.

Average time of usage during the flight 1h28*
*Usage statistics on a New-York/Paris flight

Position your PXPoint™ on the airlines’ moving map.

Important notice

Green zones highlight “Public Sponsored” points of interest. These PXPoint™ are in a 100m (109 yards) range from a well know monument. Hence they are more expensive.

Create your PXPoint™ in 3 steps.


Prepare your content.


Download your text and pictures.


A QR Code is automatically generated providing the passengers with your main information.

A 6 million passengers audience from Europe, USA and Asia

Currently operated destinations : Amsterdam, Bangkok, Boston, Dubai, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New-York, Oslo, Paris, Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo

About us

360° Innovative On Board Solutions

Dedicated to the passengers’ experience enhancement, PXCom transforms the inflight entertainment systems into a veritable media and federates transportation companies and destination-related suppliers. Thanks to its innovative solutions, PXCom enables a direct connection between the the tourism players and the passengers, engaging them in consuming their goods and services once arrived at destination.

Where aeronautics embedded electronics merges computing and marketing experts, PXCom is uniquely positioned to provide you with effective and reliable solutions meeting your requirements.